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  1. Welcome to the forum, from Bulverde. Can’t go wrong with the Lonestar
  2. Rudy


    Paid right under 19k for my 2019 Lonestar edition out the door, in stock condition. But I’ve added some accessories since then, of course.
  3. I have the Lonestar. It is louder but not obnoxious. It gives a nice sound while in the throttle.
  4. Yes, sounds a lot better than stock.
  5. Steve, there is a video in the original post. But here another one. IMG_4864.MOV
  6. Just installed the MBRP exhaust and I didn’t want anything to loud and I believe this system fits that perfectly. Nice throaty sound but not obnoxious. IMG_4864.MOV
  7. Flexing her out a bit! That was interesting!
  8. There are trails off the main road that we took that were a more aggressive but just went out for a nice Sunday trail ride with wife and kids and stopped lunch on one of the side trails.
  9. Had a business trip to Tucson and decided to stretch the legs out on the defender. Nice to get wide open trails compared to my home state of Texas. IMG_4775.MOV
  10. I runs 30’s all around on my defender Lonestar with no issues
  11. Had this same issue with the dealer I purchased my unit. Told them my unit went into limp mode in high gear. Found bad speed sensor and swapped from my maverick sport to verify issue and I was still placed on a 2 month waiting list since they had no room for my defender. Asked to ship new speed sensor but they said they had to make sure it was a bad sensor even though I had already done that. Just ordered new speed sensor and fixed it myself
  12. Welcome fellow Texan from Bulverde. Congratulations on the new rig.
  13. Can you hear the fuel pump come on when turning key to ON position? Fuel pump fuse?
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