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HD8 Base model questions


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I've got about 250 miles on my HD8 base and love it.  It was ordered with a roof and i just added a super-atv vented windshield.. again love everything about it.


My 3 biggest questions are:

- Are there or should there have been caps over the castle nuts on the wheels?  Or at least a part number for caps on steel wheels?

- Has anyone added the lower dash area similar to what you get on the xt and upper models?

- I know about the removable glove box, but is there a lid anyone has come across for the cubby ahead of the steering wheel.  (I've only found what the xt and upper models get with the upgraded dash?   Not fond of upgrading my display for a simple plastic lid.)

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#1 - No caps on the base model they come from factory exposed

#2 - u can add it and the lower dash comes in handy but for as little as its actually used I wouldnt install it cause it's way easier to install accessories and there wiring with out the lower dash in .... get the removable glove box for the passenger side dash ull use that alot ...

#3 - there is no cover lid for the base model driver cubby that I know of ... but after driving my cousins xt with the covered lid ... i actually enjoy mine being an open cubby for quick grabbing what ever u throw in there ... plus with a windshield that lid on the xt just dosent seem to open up as much as some one would like 


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