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What brand of tracks are they?  It looks like the Camso 4S1 but I can't really tell.  I have been looking to purchase a track system for my Defender Xmr but I am on the fence between the Can Am Apache 360 LT or the Camso 4S1.  Camso says they are 2/3 the speed and from what I have read about the Apache tracks...they cut the speed in half.  Can anybody confirm what I have found out about the speed reduction between these two tracks?

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Nice.  I think that is the way I am going to go as well...the Camso 4S1 tracks.  However I have a bit of a waiting period.  According to a dealer that I have been in contact with...Camso is just now working on a mounting kit for my Defender Xmr so I guess its a waiting game now.  I am like a kid in a candy store!!!  Lol.  I can hardly stand it.  Where I live we have had a ton of snow and my rig is now parked in the shed.  All I can do is look at it.

So how deep of snow have you had these tracks in?

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