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Top Heavy defender.

wu tang

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So I used the search option and was unable to find a decent answer.  How top heavy are these things? Just wrapping up a recent elk trip and I find it QUITE surprising the low performance for off-roading ( I'm aware its a utility side by side).  I was going up a hill that was steep but was quite off camber.  Ended up using my winch to go in reverse back down the hill.  During the trip I found myself using 3 wheels more than 4 wheels.  Just looking for anyone's input.  

2017 can am defender with soft doors (3 seater).

30x 10 x 14 on method rims 1" rear spacers for square set up

s3 springs that are adjusted to the lowest setting. 

Rear rack that is currently unloaded for this trip. 


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i dont get overly crazy with mine but with the sway bar in the back it helps keep it stable.  you may want to look into front and rears if it doesnt have them.  some seem to have and some dont.  the s3 springs are going to raise your CG up a bit.  if you can swing another inch on each side for the rims, its worth getting them out a bit further.  

these machines are quite capable, even if they feel tippy.


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