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Stereo issues

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Hello first post here. I have a 2018 defender xmr and I am having a problem where my radio will turn on when key is in the on position only. If I play the radio with the key in the on position and start the Sxs it turns off and won’t come back on unless I shut the bike off and turn the key back to the on position. It won’t play with the key off either. My voltage is good (13.8+) I have a new factory upgrade battery as well as a new 2nd battery.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Is that 13.8v at the battery, the back of the stereo, or both? I would take the volt meter and start checking in multiple locations with the key on, and after its started. Check at the stereo, buss bar, fuse, etc. It's acting like an accessory wire in a vehicle where it drops its voltage during crank but should return once running. Also check the grounds for anything loose and use your meter to check inpedence between the stereo and battery ground as well.

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May be a dumb question, but is it tied into a keyed ignition source? Or the battery direct?

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