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Primary Clutch "Spring Cover" Broken



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Hello.  Have 2019 Defender HD10 X-MR.  I was upgrading primary and secondary clutch springs and rollers (2ndary only) with EPI spring/rollers, when I broke the Spring Cover (primary) during disassembly.  See pictures.  It was a PITA when hammering epi puller tool, but it FINALLY came apart.  Thats when I notice the inside ledge of the spring cover broke clean off.  When I went to purchase replacement spring cover I could not find the copper or brass ring that was on the inside edge/lip of my spring cover?  Is this something not needed anymore?  I don't see it on the parts diagram either.  Also their is not plastic race that the spring rests on inside of the Spring Cover, so its metal on metal.  That also sound right?


Cover_bearing sleeve.jpg


cover flange_broke.jpg

Flange_Sleeve together.jpg

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