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Side door and other mesh netting repair


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Nobody asked, but...

I needed to replace my Defender's damaged/torn side door netting.  After seeing the OEM replacement door pricing, I started to look for net fabric for a DIY repair project.  The best source I was able to find was from a company called Obie (www.OrganizedObie.com) in Elkhart, Indiana that supplies mesh and net fabrics in bulk as well as pre-formed recreational storage solutions, etc.  I got a couple of yards of their polyester hex mesh net (p/n: TA97FRUV) and along with some black nylon exterior rated thread (Wal-Mart) I replaced the damaged mesh panels on both doors in just a few hours using a home sewing machine (with a #16 needle).  Ripping out the old stitching from the door strapping was the hardest part of the job because the manufacturer used an adhesive to hold the mesh and straps in place prior to sewing all the parts together.  I also then traced out the panel openings onto craft paper to make cutting patterns for the new replacement mesh.  I used about a 3/4" seam allowance all around.

The replacement mesh is heavier and both flame and UV resistant and seems much tougher than the original.  

I doubt I will ever put solid doors on this machine, so this has been a great solution for me.       

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