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Listodog here, when polaris stopped making 6x6s I switched to canals, absolutely love the 6' bed. During summer months I live on a ranch in Central MT spraying weeds and doing gopher control. Winters I am on a ranch in Southern AZ where the owner puts 12k miles a year on his defender pro. We love the machines........but in hot weather we have a stalling problem when the engine warms up: anyone else have this problem and can help us out? Dealer says fuel pump (didn’t solve it), then said ya gotta keep at least a quarter tank of gas in it (nope). Once a week we clean the air filter, take the clutch cover off and blow the dust out, take belt off and clean the clutch surfaces off with some high dollar can am cleaner.

Another problem we have is factory hose clamps leaking, we had them replace all with hose clamps that can be tightened. Anyone else have this problem?

Thx, hope someone can help.

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