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Front drive shaft removal



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I’m posting to try and help people out in the future as I couldn’t find any videos, forums or discussions pertaining to the front drive shaft. I have a 2018 hd8 base. Been a great machine 13k miles with no problems until my u joints on the front drive shaft went out. I looked everywhere for an answer on the easiest way to pull it from the machine but couldn’t find anything on it. After drilling out the rivets and removing the skit plate covering the shader the Easiest way I found to do it is to pull the bolt holding the yolk to the front differential with a 13mm socket pull the nut off. Then there is a small access hole to fit a punch through so you can hammer the bolt out of the yolk. After that all you have to do is pull the 4 15mm bolts holding the front differential to the frame. Push the differential as far forward as possible and use a small pry bar to pry the yolk off the shaft and it will fall right out. I tried removing the ujoints from the factory shaft and didn’t have any luck even after heating with a torch and hammering with a sledge I resorted to buying a whole new drive shaft from rhino for $300. Not the most economical but figured it was worth the money after 13k miles of no issues. I replaced the skid plate with some #14 self tapping screws with 3/8 hex heads, they fit the factory rivet holes and tightened down pretty well. I hope that someone finds this useful! 

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