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Defender transport cover


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Does anyone have experience with Can Am's transport covers?  Have a Defender MXT and want to protect interior during transport/storage.  Storage options aren't great.  Since covers are so pricey, want to make sure of quality and fit.  Thanks much.

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I have one for my 22 xmr and I do have a couple issues with it. I believe these issues have to do more eith the fact thats its an xmr and my snorkels arent allowing the cover to sit quite right. There are some buckles that connect under the front fenders to keep it tight but I have to run them through the frame support bar at the top of the fender to keep air from going underneath and blowing it up like a balloon. I also can't get the sides to pull down underneath the way they should and ended up ripping one of the straps out of the stitches. I would still recommend it over any of the other covers out there and I have plans to modify mine to work once the snow is gone and I'm trailering it again.

Hope this helps!

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Not sure what your concerned about protecting in the interior during transport, the only thing I was concerned with was protecting the glass windshield so I fab'd a cover for it. 

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As far as storage, a tarp would be sufficient to protect it from the weather.

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