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I had a lot of trouble finding a seat belt extension as well, everything on the market is for a vehicle and the defender's clip is much bigger. I ended up making some extensions for the buckle rather than trying to extend the belt. Also makes it easier to clip in for everyone because youre not practically sitting on the clip. I just got some flat steel, cut some various length chunks, drlllied a hole on each end, then rounded off the edges with a grinder.  Bolts from the hardware store and I was all set. I didn't have any heat shrink on hand so I wrapped them in electrical tape to avoid any chaffing on the seats. The plan is to add heat shrink this winter while im working on lighting and stereo. Depending on how much you raise it, any seats with the belt sensor for limiting speed may need to have the wires extended. There are bypass options available as well but I wanted to keep mine functioning with a teenage driver in the house. The box in the center seat that you can kind of see is a bed for the dogs so they can lay down. Bolts to the codder pins on the armrest and bottom of the seat for easy removal and goes up to the dash. 🙂



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