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Anyone Running Single or Double Bead Lock Rims

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I took my rig out the other day and hit a trail that had snow and mud on it.  When I got back home I noticed that one tire/wheel bead let go on the  inside of  the wheel.  I was running 10lbs of air at all corners on a 2019 Defender Xmr.  Now I am wondering if I should just purchase a set of bead lock wheels and be done with it.  Anyone have any experience with single and/or double bead lock rims?  If I do upgrade I would like to lift it maybe 2 inches with the BattleArmor 2 inch lift kit and get a bit larger wheel and tire.  I don't want a huge lift...just want to use the stock suspension at this time.

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I bought some beadlocks from a buddy and put them on mine, but this is my first set of them. Don’t have a whole of of time on them, but my buddy used them on his X3 turbo that he races. He said he hasn’t ever blown a bead running them. Check out S3 springs. Not sure what the battle armor lift runs, but I’ll be putting the S3 springs on mine and they are pretty reasonably priced. 

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I have a lonestar, so same suspension you do. It’ll probably be a while before I get the s3 springs.

My buddy has them on his xt max and he gained right at 3” with his, but I’ve seen others claim about 2”. I’ve driven his and those springs are a little stiffer than stock, but they are a more firm not harsh feel. Main thing I noticed was no more body roll in higher speed corners and his didn’t sag near as bad when putting a big load in the bed (big cooler), firewood, rocks, etc. 

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