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2023 Line up


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This Monday August 8th 2022 !! 
Most 2022 orders will roll into a 2023 year model if you don’t cancel … Both my Max Xmrs deposits have got transferred to 2023 models due to dealers can’t Order 22s anymore .. My lead time to receive my defender is still 6-9 Months 😭

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Hopefully nothing but some graphics... I waited until December to get my 22 that took me 8 months to get and my 2019 x3 doesn't need to be under another model that is significantly better or had even more power.  Resale will suck on them if something bigger and badder comes out.  Haha.  People are still waiting for 22s in both defender and x3 as well. 

Brp is still struggling with shortages, they just put a news letter out a couple days ago about snowmobiles being delayed for November and December delivery that could potentially ship in January.  Also a bunch of changes on package items for smart shocks and electric start.  

Still some crazy times... In my opinion the market is already softening quite a bit.  A lot more than places are letting on, that's for sure.  Major orders are cancelling and production is slowing for some industries big time. 


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