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Auxiliary Lighting (360º Lighting)

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Hey all. I have owned this HD8 for a few years now and added a few modifications here and there. I finally decided this last month to move forward with auxiliary LED lighting, I wanted it previously but was hesitant because I didn’t know exactly what I needed. For context, I hunt - a lot. This machine is used a couple of times a week at least while chasing coyotes, pigs, white tail, turkey, elk, pronghorn … you name it. 

After a lot of use, I determined that I needed quite a bit of additional lighting up front. I frequently fly down turnrows, unpaved county roads, caliche roads, two tracks, and fields and have struggled with lighting up front. I didn’t want a light bar because they are fixed, so I narrowed it down to the cube style lights.

Reverse lights were a no-brainer for gates, backing up, and cleaning animals. 

Side lighting was something I knew I wanted, but didn’t know exactly what to do about it. 

All that said, I decided I wanted to focus most of my attention on the front but also make sure that I took care of back & side lighting. Here’s what I came up with:

- (2) Rigid D-SS Spot lights on a-pillars 

- (2) Rigid D series flood lights mounted to bumper

- (2) 7” Auxbeam bars mounted to the custom bed rack

- (2) 4” Auxbeam “side shooter” lights mounted to custom bed rack

I went with Auxbeam to save cash because I wasn’t sure how much light was needed, but knew I could probably accomplish it without shelling out Rigid dollars. I mounted everything and hooked them up to 4 switches in the dash. Spots, front floods, side bars, reverse lights. 





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