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XTC Turn signal kit with replacement DRL


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I purchased the XTC turn signal kit for my 2022 Defender LTD and am replacing the factory DRL with an aftermarket one that has Yellow lights built in.  The Yellow lights only have one wire and the instructions just tell you to refer to the OEM.  Has anyone installed these?  Do i need to splice in to the ground on the factory harness?  Would like some guidance before i burn up something!

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I see this is a few days old and maybe you have and answer, but I've installed many SAUTV brand DRL's with built in turn signal/hazard lights, the video is of my personal Defender with these lights. SAUTV brand also have only one wire for the yellow turning/hazard lights because they are internally grounded to the socket which the factory harness plugs into. Being that you only have one wire for turn/hazard lights it's a safe bet that yours are grounded the same way. I'll admit I've only used this brand in conjunction with SuperAtv kits not using the 3/4" round lights that come with the kit. From what you described yours sounds very similar, the ones I've used the factory harness just plugs in (no splicing) for the running lights, as for the turn/hazard wire it gets connected to the turn signal/hazard positive wire from the relay control module supplied with the kit, in SuperAtv case they are yellow for the left, green for the right, the other wire is then unused. In other words the 3/4" round turn signals require 2 wires because they are grounded to the relay control box and the DRL's with built in yellow lights only require 1 because they are grounded using the factory harness.

I hope this helps.....😀


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