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wu tang

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I bought the defender pretty much to put tracks on it.  After some research I have some questions for people with tracks.  It is possible this unit will be used more with tracks Vs the tires. 

* I will buy the power steering plug in module.

* I will run a snorkel vs buying the CVT kit 

Currently looking at the camso tracks VS the Apache tracks.  It appears that camso are more self serviceable also have the two track guide.

Apache tracks are single guide (like their sleds) and are alittle more difficult to self service. 

main question, which one would you prefer and why?  Not at all worried about lead time or cost.

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Check out this thread on my experience servicing the Apache tracks: 

I will say if I was going to buy a new machine and set of tracks I would go with the Camso based on two main things:

1. Ability to maintain/grease the bearings. The new design allows you to grease all the boggie wheel bearings and the main hub bearing. The can-am this is not possible.  Check out the video here.

2. Three bearing main shaft that does not require any special tools to maintain/replace on the camso. If you plan on full time running tracks you will probably see similar wear as my tracks running the majority of the year on them. The fact that the main shaft bearings are all the same size, and do not require a press or puller is a plus for me. Also the bolt and washer holding it together 755329238_ScreenShot2022-04-05at12_00_17PM.thumb.png.f1fad3e132a37c344634ace67ba685e6.png


1337809352_ScreenShot2022-04-05at11_57_59AM.thumb.png.769946f06864ea98cafb4b995d971429.pngvs the snap ring Can-am uses. 


My 2cents, but after working on my Apaches Camso seem like the better option. 



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