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Who Insures Your Defender for Road Use in Michigan?


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Does anyone here have road-use insurance for their ORV in Michigan?  If so, who is it with?

I just got my 2021 Defender Ltd HD10 approved for road use in MI as an Assembled Vehicle (specifically, an Assembled Truck), but am having trouble finding an insurance company to cover it for liability and collision.  Farm Bureau told me they'd fully cover it, but changed their mind.  Progressive covered it as of 2 days ago (hence my having proof of insurance for the SOS today and being handed my plate), but this afternoon they decided to only cover liability.  Everyone seems to be okay with the idea of a modified machine until they dig deeper and then they chicken out.  I have a clean record of zero tickets, accidents, claims or late premium payments, so it's not me that they're shying away from.  Thanks for any input!

UPDATE: The answer turns out to be STATE FARM.  Several independent agents searched umpteen providers and came up empty, but the guy who did my custom caliper job (for the independent cable brake system that MI requires) told me State Farm insures all his customers.  Bingo!  A local State Farm agent now has me fully covered.  🙂

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