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Squealing brakes??

D mason 0045


Does anyone have a solution for this?

They sound terrible when going down a hill .

my hd 10 max only has 511 miles on it so I wouldn’t think the pads would be worn out. If the dealer will put new pads on from brp, will this be a permanent fix? Just wondering because I’m really considering asking them about it, just didn’t want this to be an issue again in a few hundred more miles. 


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When I picked up my new Defender a couple of weeks ago the dealer was adamant that I get it up to 20-30 mph and stand on the brakes pretty hard and to do that 2-3 times. I would brake just hard enough that the tires didn't lose traction and it smoked like crazy the first time but tapered off the 2 and 3 time it did it. Have a friend that just bought one too and he was telling me he had the same brake squeak so I shared this process with him and he said that cured the issue. The dealer told me the brake pads have a coating on them and if you don't burn it off it makes your brakes squeal.

Wouldn't hurt to try!    

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