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6x6 Track Options


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I am looking at purchasing a 2021 Defender XT 6x6 to replace my 2019 HD8 XT. I run tracks a good 5 months of the year, and I am wondering if the 6x6 rear tracks from the Outlander 6X6 Apache 360 LT will fit? I know the bolt pattern is the same, and there is no mounting kit as no need for anti rotation bars with two axels. What I need to figure out is if the distance between the hubs is the same on the Defender and Outlander. I have a measurement of 82cm centre of front rear wheel to centre of back front wheel on a Outland 6x6.

If anyone has any suggestions or would mind getting me a measurement hub to hub on their Defender 6x6 it would be appreciated! 



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New to this forum.

Read your post and I was think the same thing. Did you get an answer to the tracks question 🤔 



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