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Need some tunes

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I just received a ‘22 Pro Limited and need some advice on a sound system. Plan on installing a Rockford Fosgate PMX1 which puts out 50 watts x4 above the windshield with speakers to the right and left. What are the biggest speakers that will fit 6, 6 1/2 and will this head unit fit in the overhead area? Also I want to install some 6x 9 speakers somewhere with a small marine amp 75 watts or so. How much room in the overhead area to stuff the amp in. If not enough where do you guys put your amps?

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I went with a simple setup using an Infinity system in my Cabbed '19 XT Max. I have 6.5" in the front and two 6.5" in the back using C-Werks speaker supports. You could get blanks from him and cut holes for 6x9s in them.

I didn't run an amp as with my setup, the radio had enough power for the speakers I was running. There's a bit over an inch between most of the headliner and roof, some spots more but not sure how much.

I've seen some guys mount them under the seats or behind the seat backs. I guess depends on the physical size of the amp you are going to use.

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What I did in my Ranger was make brackets for the roof and put speakers through the headliner. I thing I’ll do the same for the Defender depending where the brackets can be mounted. The amp I don’t know, I’ll see what things look like when everything is taken apart

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