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2022 limited on 30 carnivores


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Got 160 miles on it so far. 60 with the carnivores 30x10x14 on stock wheels they measure 29.5" at 15 psi stock tires measuered 26.5. Front suspension up 2 notches, back suspension up 3 notches.  also the stock tires feel really soft would wear out quick I'm thinking 





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On 1/25/2022 at 9:55 AM, NODAK said:

Absolutely no rubbing got 500 miles on machine now very happy with them

2022 Defender HD10 XT with 30” System3 XTR370 tires and I do have enough rubbing issues that I’m considering forward a-arms. It’s a problem when turning sharply going downhill (more weight on front) or when 1 front wheel hits a stump or edge of a bank, compressing the shock on that side. Straight ahead is always OK…

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