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Making a Cable Parking Brake on 2021 Limited


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Has anyone put a cable style parking brake on a Defender Limited HD10?  I've done everything Michigan requires to make my 2021 street legal, but their verbiage on a "separate parking brake" states that it must be non-hydraulic using a cable and hand control (or I assume foot pedal).  The factory parking brake that came on my machine appears to be on the same hydraulic line as the main brakes.

Some people have told me that the inspectors will accept it, but this is a two stage deal in MI, and if I pass stage one only to be rejected at stage two, I've wasted my time and perhaps set myself up for extra scrutiny the next time around.  Stage one is, a cop comes to inspect your machine, and if he passes it, he sends his results to the state which then tells you when and where your final inspection will be.  From there, you apply for a license for secondary road use.

The few kits I've seen online don't fit the Limited, but does anyone know how to either make one of the kits work, or how to build the whole thing from scratch?  Thanks!

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The inspection for uses the term "Parking Brake" but what they really want to be installed is an Emergency brake.   The requirement is for you to be able to stop your vehicle in an emergency situation if your primary hydraulic brake system failed.   What is installed on the newer Defenders is a manual foot pedal brake lock......basically a very simple parking brake.  It does not qualify as what the state is looking for in an emergency brake.  Any person telling you that the inspector will accept it is 100% wrong.   It is not a separate system and will not allow you to stop the vehicle while in motion if your primary system fails.

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looks like something from henn racing that he makes for the x3, a mountain bike style caliper brake, or a different setup maybe would work for a mechanical brake in mi.

this could be something promising with a flip over handle and cable.  seems like it would be easy enough to fab a bracket to go next to your caliper and mount if it will slip over the rotor.



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