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mud-busters fender flares - good stuff


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mud busters fender flare and dump bed kit20210908_113716.thumb.jpg.0ef37b7b89dbc51faa7d5b30ed5514e0.jpg

i got the mud busters fender flare kit for the defender hd 10 xt. it really helps prevent rocks and mud from getting thrown into the cab, especially if you have wheels//tires that stick out way past the body fenders.

i havent put on the dump bed protectos yet, but i have the front and rear fender flares installed and its holding up well.

grace mfg sent me the wrong hardware kit included, and when i notified them they sent out another hardware kit plus a t-shirt to make it right.

fedex tore the package and the hardware fell out, so when i got it all that was in there was the shirt... I told mud busters again and they sent me ANOTHER hardware kit.

They will stand behind their product. feel confident when you buy from them.



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lay out all the pieces and firgure out whats what. shiny side down. i started with a front flare. the flares use bolts and plastic press tabs to install. you do have to drill new holes for the press tabs. drilling the side near the gas tank filler scared me some, and the instructions dont mention it, so go easy on that side when you are drilling.


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these didnt change the cabin air pressures enough to prevent dust swirl as i had hoped, but it for sure made a difference on rocks and mud that the tires throw.

and i cant say enough good things about the support from mud busters. they want to make sure you are happy with their product.

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