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Hd5 vs hd8 vs hd10


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I have not, I have and HD8 and it has plenty of power for me.  The dealership told me most of the difference in the HD10 vs 8 is in the top end, and comparing the torque i feel like that is probably mostly true.  

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I just spend the weekend lugging around 4 grown men and gear working on the duck lease in my HD8 Max. Dragging 15' cut cedar trees, working through mud and a couple feet of water, never had an issue. If money was no issue, the HD10 would be my choice, but I don't think I need the bigger engine for my purposes. 

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I have the HD8.   It has more than enough power for off-road work and will comfortably run 50 mph on the road, which is about all I need from it.   I have driven the HD10 and you can certainly feel the extra power,   That said the HD8 is not slow by any means and does not bog at all when clawing it's way up the mountainside on our farm.   I have not driven the HD5, but I would have to think that at that power level you are starting to give up quite a bit.   If you are running around a flat farm in Kansas that probably doesn't matter much, but I suspect the mountains here in eastern TN would challenge it.  

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