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2021 Xmr Max - “The Compensator”

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This is my first sxs and I decided not to waste anytime. 2021 Defender Max Xmr on pick up day (05/22/21) with Sport Roof and Coated Polycarbonate Pop-Out Windshield (Can Am Half Doors on the way)


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Day 1 & 2 (05/22 & 05/23) - picked up Xmr late afternoon after working all day and start ordering more parts to get this unit ready for the Memorial Day Weekend ride which starts Friday evening.

Already ordered after deposit but before arrival:

- 24” Fuel Reactions - est. arrival 05/25

- 42” Motohavoks - est. arrival 05/25

- 6” SuperATV lift - est arrival 05/25

- SuperATV frame stiffener - est arrival 05/25

- SuperATV 8” portals (45%) - est arrival 05/25

- SuperATV HD tie rods/ends spare set - est arrival 05/25

- Billet Steering Rack Brace from Moorhead Engineering - est arrival 05/25

- Wild Boar Wake Tower Bar - est arrival 05/26

New orders on Saturday 05/22:

- PowerBass XL 1250 sound bar and wake tower mounting brackets - est arrival 05/26

- H11 LED bulbs x2 - est arrival 05/26

- KC Hilites Cyclone Lights (For Back up Lights) - est arrival 05/26

- Seatbelt Override - est arrival 05/27

- Black lugs (accidentally ordered wheels with chrome) - est arrival 05/27

Only 5 more days until we got to have this baby ready to go...Did I mention I have to work 12 hour days until Friday? 😂










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Day 3 (Monday 05/23) - Lift and Tie rods arrive along with portals, but stiffener and rotors do not. Also received the billet steering rack bracket. Moorhead did an excellent job with this piece. It’s extremely snug to the factory rack and mounts directly to all existing factory position that the rack does. Xmr (any model with smart lock front diff) note there will be some filing necessary to a mold nipple on the diff casing to clear the brace’s front plate.

Managed to get the steering brace, and nearly the entire lift installed and called it a night around 2am with an hour drive back to my house.



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Update: within a few days we had all accessories ordered installed including 8” portals, headlights, PowerBass 1250 sound bar, wake tower bar, 24” fuels on 42” motohavoks, and seatbelt override.

Been riding it hard, broke can am studs off one wheel on first ride, but that was probably more our fault as I had stripped on of the studs and didn’t have a rethreading tool and rode hard all weekend without checking them. Around 4pm on Sunday the whole wheel fell off.

Swapped all studs to Polaris and the following weekend lug nuts backed off one wheel. Thankfully we caught before anything broke apart, however the lug holes on the rim wallered out so bad had to get a new rim. Covered by the tire shop I bought it from.

300 miles later no issues. Have since installed a Skar Audio 600 watt amp and two kicker 11” towers with horns. Still waiting on clutch kit, exhaust, and tune. Rock lights and lighted whips soon. Then moving to audio roof, bed box for two subs and then she will eventually be off for powder coat and paint once I beef up some of the components (want to make better tabs for arms, link bars, ball joint delete/dirt mafia ball joints, Jake’s tie rods, turner axles).











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