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Tablet install


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I did a pretty cool upgrade today.  Installed a 8 " tablet on a ram mount as a heads up display above driver for offline offroad mapping and music storage.  Wired in a charger as well to keep it powered.  I even found a inclinometer app incase I wanted to play.  This should add to the fun...20210127_175628.thumb.jpg.53ab93f02b1463819f4356cfed20765c.jpg20210127_175624.thumb.jpg.925f6a852cad7bdb0237923205c50469.jpg20210127_175639.thumb.jpg.b0d8748774c8f9ccef82e45b0e07a36f.jpg20210127_175703.thumb.jpg.59539dca4536c5c4a76b031a32d2d435.jpg

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Just finished a similar project. Map loaded for upcoming trip to Wolf Pen Gap in Mena, Arkansas. 



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