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2020 limited heating and cooling readout vs a 2021


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I noticed something a little different on a 2021 defender limited vs my 2020 limited.  The readout for the heat and air is slightly different.  On my 2020 I can select heat or cool and the fan speed.  Of course, it also has auto climate control.  I push the button until I see auto and wait for the temp numbers to pop up and adjust up or down.

The 2021 limited now displays the following in auto climate control after selecting heat or cool and waiting for the auto climate numbers to pop up: heat auto or cool auto (depending on if heat or cool was selected) with the numbers when using the climate control feature.  I wonder if that's just a software update or if heat auto/cool auto serve some sort of purpose?

Also the seats are contoured in the 2021s.

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