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My 2019 HD10 XT Cab "Bear"

A hunt 2 remember

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I guess it may be a bit late... But figure I could just put some of my experiences and photos of Bears progression. It hasn't been a long road.... But it did have a few BUMPS!!! ALONG THE WAY!!! From things like BRP saying, "that can't be done" about my auxiliary battery system. To addition of new tire/wheels and A-arms (2"forward) in turkey camp. Only to blow out a (come to find out, NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND) front axle going in after a bear... (a live one with fur and stuff) kinda ironic if you think about it... 😉 All the way to a point that I think he may be at his FULL POTENTIAL... 





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Here he is the day I found him and we brought him home... (Which was a story of its own considering I went in for my first service for Buck... my 2019 HD10 Outlander and left with TWO RIGS!!) and the first few "bolt on" additions... First was the mirror... (BECAUSE THEY DON'T COME IN PAIRS) and bumpers... the flaps and such... Went with the rancher front bumper because I help round up the free range cattle off the mountain and a few of the bulls get FRISKY!!!! Next it was onto POWER!!! LIGHTS/ STEREO/ AUXILIARY BATTERY!!! 





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Next it was on to lighting, auxiliary battery, and a stereo... With the OEM placement for the stereo being in the overhead dash only allowing a mini deck.... I made a compartment in the main dash cubby (out of sheet aluminium) just to the right of my 2019 shifter.... which I also mounted my garmin marine mount for my GPS... sure running the speaker wires were a pita to run up the A pillar.  But overall install turned out exactly what I wanted. It also allowed me to install my lighting switches in the area set for the stereo... as for the speakers themselves, I put a set of 6" plus a tweeter in the front overhead and a set of the same in the liner itself... If you pull the roof liner you see where they have an embossed area to cut out for a set of rear speakers... While there is no where to mount these speakers to the roof itself, I used some panel nuts to attach them to the liner itself and the a screw with a fender washer to hold the liner up... with over 1500 miles and NO ISSUES of the speakers falling out.... I feel this will do for me.... Now the lighting??? A couple things had to happen before all this new wiring was to be done... First was the addition of an auxiliary battery.... and in the beginning was all about OEM products.... GET PAST THAT!!! Can Am has NO LOYALTY!!! WHY SHOULD WE??? That being said, buy a battery isolator and wire it yourself!! And add a group 24 or 27 battery rather than another ATV battery.... (plenty of space just behind the driver under the bed) I unfortunately bought into the OEM thing.... and when it came time to install it found out there were conflicting directions considering I had the heater.....  My dealer had NO CLUE!!!! AND CANAM/BRP SAID WHAT I WAS DOING COULD NOT BE DONE!!! WTF??? Well, I DID IT!!! But as a disclaimer....... I WENT WELL BEYOND THE STOCK WIRING!!! That being said, and a jump ahead or backwards as it should have been done.... I added my own power blocks to the system THAT I COULD ACCESS WITHOUT PULLING BEAR COMPLETELY APART EACH TIME!!! Along with a couple plates to mount them to. Now if I need to add anything my power is very accessible. (Full time power and accessories on power) here are a few pictures of these areas... Another thing I had issues with was getting into a dark cab at 0400.... So I added door switches that activated the dome light.... but then had to add another hot lead so it could be powered while the doors WERE CLOSED!!! DOH!!! The addition of a micro switch and some hot glue and I was back in business.... I'll post more as time allows...










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On 10/5/2020 at 4:24 PM, Mikep123456 said:

I like the door switches! 

When adding the door switches.... you need to add a micro switch to the light so that you can use the light when the doors are closed.... either that or swap it out for a Toyota dome light that already has the switch in it.... I added the seitch and did some custom hotglue work...


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