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Rock slider rebuild...

A hunt 2 remember

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Well, after nearly 2000 miles on Bear the rocksliders have been thrashed!! And the bottom has been abused...  The OEM rocksliders looked great!! But were worthless as protection... The lightweight tubing was merely COSMETIC.  But now.... after the add of larger tires, a wider stance, and pretty much the need to protect Bear just a bit more.... It's time for an upgrade!! I have found that 1" id black iron pipe slides right into the OEM sliders... So what I've done is cut the original apart on the front and then the side to remove the front 90 degree bend. Then I slid in my inserts.... A 20" piece down the side rail to stiffen it up... and an 11" or so piece to widen them out to the width of the front tire tread.... while welding them up I put a bit of tweak to them that actually extends them below Bear's belly....





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Okay.... more pics of the sliders. First is original position. Then the piece I cut out to to insert thicker tubing and extend them. I cut the slider right at the bracket under the wheel well since the tubing is running through the entire bracket. First I'll tack it up with a few welds so it stays in place while I pull them off to weld them up, sand them down, and paint them.... But say goodbye to that pesky snow buildup!!! 😉

In the overall end, they will sit 1" below the pan and 6" wider.... (out to the tire tread) where they should be... then to get some expanded metal for the sides of my rack. That way I can mount my litter, pulaski, shovel, and such to the sides... 










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All welded up and primed ready for a couple coats of paint and back on... although... after cleaning it up and noticing the point where the frame and slider connect, I may just add a tab to the bottom that keeps it from rocking.... (haha) and rolling... but rather stays below the belly pan...




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