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Things dont look right



Hi guys...new defender owner here. Not of a new defender, but the defender is new to me. Just picked the machine up from a rental place selling off machines at the end of the season. My brother bought one from them a couple years ago and had a great experience so i decided to give it a try. So far, not so good. 

It's a 2019 hd8 max. Due to covid and people not traveling, they've ventured to the outdoors and the place said their machines had 2 seasons worth of use just this summer. It's been used for sure. Found a bent tie rod that has created a number of other issues. My big question is about things that seem out of place in the back. I cant find a good picture online of how things are supposed to look but I see a lot of zip ties. There is a black hose above the airbox not connected to anything. Looks warped too. See pic. Also found tubing behind it that looks like it's supposed to be sitting in grooves but is zip tied and one tube dangling with a connector and a tube nearly just dangling. (See pic) do these connect together? What do they go to? Should I be worried the machines been running like this? I'm concerned there are likely other problems I dont even know about or know what to look for as this is the first time I'm seeing it and dont know what its actually supposed to look like.




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10 minutes ago, Mossyoak said:

The big hose/pipe is your air intake, if you fallow it, it should be connected to your air filter housing at the other end.  The 2 little rubber hoses are vent lines for you gas tank

Thanks so much. With nothing to reference as a good example I was pretty worried. I want to learn this machine as I have others in the past. I appreciate the help 

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