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Thumper Fab Half Doors


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A lot of the info on doors seemed dated so I started another…have to give Thumper Fab a huge 5 star rating. I looked at doors until I couldn’t stand looking further. Watched videos & reviews until blue in the face. And kept going back to the Thumper Fab product. Damn glad I did. Talk about fit and finish to a “T”. Top notch quality down to every washer. Now I will say the instructions could be better. But there’s a company video that helps the install process. Of course a second person would’ve been great to have but I pulled it off solo in just a few hours. Not counting making the trip to their facility in Marshall, Texas to pick em up. Didn’t want to take a chance on receiving damaged doors after waiting on em to be built. Just a couple hour drive for me so not a big deal. If ya don’t know the company, I would highly suggest to do some research on their products and see what they offer for the Defenders. Quite impressive outfit. 


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Thanks for sharing, they certainly look nice!  i dont mind my oem half doors but they arent anything special.  plastic to keep the mud off, i wish can am made upper doors for them...


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