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Hd9 with xmr a arms


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Hey y’all, I’m new to Canam.  Coming from Polaris and Kawasaki.  I searched and didn’t find anything.  I have an HD9.  A friend gave me HD10 xmr a arms front and back.  I know I need long travel axles.  Can I use XMR shocks?   Or would a bracket lift make up the difference? And what size does it make it?  I’m not sure the difference in the 62 and 64 inch or any of that.  

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Bracket lift might get you where the XMR is normally as I believe the HD9's sit lower than the HD10's/XMRs. Not exactly sure of the length difference between the HD9 shocks and the XMR ones. Might be something to ask around about to see what would work.

Brackets would be cheaper, but possibly better performance out of the XMR shocks.

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