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Adding a different Avatar?

A hunt 2 remember

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So what is the process of adding a personalized avatar? Rather than having an A as well as Alvin, Andy, Alex..... I would greatly appreciate it!!


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A Hunt 2 Remember...

When you're logged in, look in the upper right hand corner where your user name is with the "A" next to it.  Click the drop down and select "profile". 

That will open up your profile page where you'll see the "A" on the left hand side just to the left of your user name.  In the "A" box, there should be a white circle with a picture icon in the lower left portion of your letter "A". 

Click on that icon and it should give you the option of either dragging/dropping a picture or uploading a picture. 

That's how I added my profile picture.

All the best to you!


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