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Can-am Defender Sound & Audio Vendors

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Here's a list of audio vendors that specialize with the Can-am Defender.  If you know of someone that is not listed, please add it to the thread and I'll update the master list. 

AudioForumz - https://www.audioformz.com/defender-stereo-tops/

TrailStar Audio - http://trailstaraudio.com/Defender_c_1700.html

Rock'in Radios - https://www.rockinradios.com/Defender_c_95.html

SidebySideStuff - https://www.sidebysidestuff.com/can-am-defender-stereos-speakers-audio-systems.html

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The button too the lower left is a shutoff switch when I have it stored. I have it wired to a constant hotwire to the auxiliary (30ah) battery setup. But think I may be headed to a group 27. Having issues when stereo, heater/seats/wheel/grab bar, gps, and lights + led bars (4×8" & 1×24") and occasionally 2×18" bars.... after a bit the stereo starts to blink out and the dome light also goes.... going to try and reconfigure the system an see what happens....

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I have a 2020 Defender HD10 xt-p and now that I have a machine quite enough to enjoy it I need to have someone install a nice bluetooth sound system.  First off is a roof liner required and then what is a good system to install. Keep in mind I will have a local stereo shop do the install. 

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