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First 100 Miles on HD10 XT Cab

Mark in Colorado

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Hey Friends,

Finally passed 100 miles on the 2019 Defender.  Here's the score - good and bad:

3 - tanks of fuel (mind, all I do is plow snow)

2 - broken winch lift lines - getting rid of synthetic next season and going with steel.  

1 - driver door that slipped south of alignment and will require adjustment (hard to close)

0 - drops of oil used

1 - far right cigarette lighter / accessory port stopped working.  I never use it, but ought to look into it...

1 - worn out Pro Steel blade cutting edge (I took it off, and bolted it on upside down and get a "freebie" that works fine)!

1 - set of nearly worn-out chains - I figure these will last about 1 season.  No big deal at all.  

1 - adventure getting stuck (high-centered on a massive packed snow mound).

3 - neighbors or strangers stopping me to pull them out of a jam or to plow a foot of snow off their driveway.

20 + looks of envy from local rednecks and people out freezing to death on quads with 36' blades...

100,000 - smiles!

- Mark

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Well Mark,

That's awesome to hear. But I find it SAD your beast doesn't get to play more. I bought my 2019 in late October and it went in for service Friday for his first service at 1010 miles. I've done quite a bit modifications to him (heated seats/wheel/grab bar, second winch, 104" of LEDs 4x8" 2x14" 2x22", stereo, gps.....) and have had NO real issues other than a faulty window switch. One thing that I've had to adapt to, is NOT using my stock lights versus the LEDs I've added instead. Otherwise I run into charging issues. So..... I RARELY use them, besides, the LEDs are MUCH CRISPER!!! I think one of the best additions was the door switch that activates the dome light... much better than fumbling in the dark...




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That is one awesome looking machine. I am having some fun - pull my daughters around on their snow sleds from time to time..!  Also ran a poacher off my property with it - also fun.  Putting on a 52” light bar (front) and a 50” bar (rear) near term.  -Mark


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Right on!!! My 22" pointed straight ahead and directly behind are plenty for me running around in the woods. With the 8" lights over the A-pillar pointed outward a bit make it PERFECT for seeing those blind corners... then, with the 15" (I think they were) mounted up EXACTLY where the upper door bolts are. So off to the side is great on the fly or when the doors are open and the back light is on too..... you could use it to light up 3&4 at your local dirt track!!! Getting 32"ers and a blinker kit for it this week hopefully. Then it's off for turkeys and bears!!! Season opens the first. B-) 

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I put in a second battery to deal with accessory overload... plow, winch, heater, steering, lights - fairly soon the winch would start slowing down.  Rigged up a 2nd 30A UTV battery (pos-pos / neg-beg) and never looked back.  Let me know if you want to see pics of the set up.  It’s in my passenger under-seat storage bucket (so I can get at it and attach a battery tender.  -Mark

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I also added an auxiliary battery. Sits behind the cab under the bed. The problem is.... the 550 amp charging system.... (the 2020's come with an 850 amp system) So, to combat the issue, I don't use my OEM lighting system at all off road. ALL my forward led's use only 2 amps more the the OEM's AND THEY ARE CRISPER CLEANER AND BRIGHTER!!!! But on the road they are OVERKILL!!   

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