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Defender HD8 (2018) - Operating RPM

Bruce F

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I don't know if there is a recommended road cruise speed/RPM . I would say whatever the speed limit is or by personal sound

of engine that makes you comfortable!  I think my tires on the road are pretty loud but, think also 4500-6000 RPM would be fine.

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At 4500 rpm in my hd8 I am doing roughly 35mph. 
Any body else care to compare Rpms to MPH?

sure would help to have a good Baseline, so as to tell when belt, etc. needs looking at.

ps. Newguy here.


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mine seems to run about the same in the 35-40mph range.  no big deal for these engines, they red line a lot higher than that.  

i ran my x3 in low gear for 20 miles over the weekend, up to 20mph.  that was up to 6000 rpms+ at times while i was towing a polaris.  it wont hurt it, its just super loud and hot in the cab.


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