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Wheel bearing grease...

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After swapping out the stock 28” tires for 30” tires, I immediately developed a little squeak or metal/metal noise primarily when in turns. I figured the additional weight of the wheel and tire were adding additional wear on something. Seemed to happen at low and high speeds. I figured it may just be the brakes since the machine was new.

last week I ordered a 30mm wheel bearing grease tool from EPI. I was doing some rear suspension work, so I figured it was the perfect time to hit the bearings while I had it torn apart.

As my research suggested, I found these bearings to be very under greased from the factory. I put 45 clicks with a battery driven grease gun in EACH bearing before any came out the seals. Same story with both front bearings. 

This job was fairly involved because it requires the complete removal of all 4 axles from the wheel hubs. I know some of the grease tools for different machines are hollow in the center, but I don’t think that will work with our defenders from what I can see.

After everything was re-greased and the suspension was put back together from the other project, I took it for a spin. Zero squeaks or metal/metal noises. 

problem solved and peace of mind that I shouldn’t have any premature bearing failures. I would recommend this 2-3 hour project to anyone. You’ll be amazed at how much grease your bearing will accept. 

I’m assuming some of you guys have tackled this project in the past. Did you have the same “lack of grease” in your bearings?


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