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Hey Everybody! 2019 Defender Max XT


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Hello from South Central....Oregon.  I’ve been popping in on many of your posts looking for ideas and answers, and thanks for all the information.  Purchased my Defender in October and I haven’t done a lot of substantial upgrades to my machine thus far.  Clearly Tough front window, Super ATV rear window, kolpin gun rack on the center front seat, Seizmek mirrors.  And I just put on the Battle Armor 2” lift, really loving the stance of the machine with that.  Doors and 29-30” tires on are the horizon, when I can come up with $2k+.  

I am glad to find a good forum that seems to have a bunch of people trying to help each other. Look forward to adding to that.




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Nice looking rig JDK! Welcome aboard. I’m new to this forum as well. Seems like a bunch of good guys. Good luck with the future projects!

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