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Half Doors


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Hello All, 

I have a question. Does Can- Am or an aftermarket manufacturer make a top half window for the lower half doors? I know I should have bought full doors but those are a bit out of my price range.  Any info or ideas would be awesome. Thanks for the help


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I’ve been looking for the same thing Reddog. Can’t believe no one has come out with a soft upper door for the can am half doors yet. The doors from puddle buster look good but I need front and rear for my max. The couple places making aftermarket doors seem to forget about the six seaters most the time, or charge an arm and a leg if they do make 4. I might contact puddle buster and see if they would be willing to do rear doors too. 

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Over armor off road is making these now..


https://www.sidebysidestuff.com/soft-doors-by-over-armour-offroad-can-am-defender-max.html?utm_source=bingshopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=soft-doors-by-over-armour-offroad-can-am-defender-max&utm_campaign=cse&msclkid=0a4795a7d90519749cf3cb9862917de6&utm_content=All ID's long tail DT%2FTab%2Fmobile


I wish they looked a little better, I’d be a little more interested in them.

I’ve tried reaching out to puddle buster to see if they make rear doors too, but no response so far. I really like the setup they have but my Max would look pretty dumb with just doors on the front. 

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