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Saying hello from the PNW

A hunt 2 remember

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Hello, my name is Joe, and I'm a Can Ammer.....


Hello.... My journey here was not a cheap one and doesn't look to be leveling out any time soon. 😉 Started off this bow season with a new 19 Outlander "mossy oak edition" . But after season, while dropping it off for its initial service I FELL IN LOVEWITH "BEAR"!!! He was sitting there with his windshield and "FULL" doors just proud as could be!!!! Saying hey Buddy, remember getting to you spot on those 28 degree days when it was hailing???? NASTY huh? Well??? NOT IN ME!!!!! But when it came time to look, it had ELECTRIC windows..... AND A HEATER!!!!!! Oh yeah, I was SOLD!!!! Problem is, I had just bought the Outlander and upgraded trailers for it.... BUT OH WELL!!!!!! I'M IN!!! So we do the dance and I end up buying "Bear" (the defender). So I go home, drop off "Buck" (the outlander) and head back to pick up Bear. UMMMM...... Oh $#@@##$^!!!!!! it doesn't fit in the door of the trailer...... DOH!!!!! 

So, now I am on a mission to get it where I want it to be (overall foot print and heigth) BEFORE I look into another trailer!!! I've added my lighting and such above already and 500+/- miles on it and feel it needs a few extra inches of GC.... Already bent a rock slider bar.... Glad it went on already!!! 😉 But so here I am as deep as I am in my 2013 Ram limited longhorn into my defender..... 

Glad to be here and share with my other addicts,


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47 minutes ago, Mark in Colorado said:

Nice looking rig - especially the side light bars.  Pretty original.

They actually mounted in original bolt holes on the doors. This shot is before the A pillar lights were added. When the doors are open and the back light is on, it really lights up a chunk of real estate. Great when setting up duck blinds

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On 12/27/2019 at 7:50 PM, JDK said:

These machines will break you on options.  Hoping not so much on mechanic bills.  So far so good on mine.

Well, mechanically he has been pretty solid!!! Problem is... BIGGER TIRES=MORE TORQUE=BIGGER CV JOINTS..... So a set of HD Axles are coming.... well, whenever side by side stuff actually gets ahold of the actual the vendor and have it shipped..... THEY HAVE NO WAREHOUSE AT ALL!!! EVERYTHING DROP SHIPS!!! HUH??? I will NEVER buy from them again. If I can't get what I need from SuperATV I guess I don't need it!! The order i made with them was here in the middle of nowhere in less time now than it has taken SXS STUFF to even place the order and ship it... WTF???

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