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Simple Dual Battery on XT Cab

Mark in Colorado

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I purchased a 2nd UTV 30A/hr battery from Napa + some 18” cables, drilled my passenger under-seat box and the battery cover (3/4” holes) hooked up pos. to pos. / neg. to neg. (to keep it 12V, but now a double 60A/hr).  Keep the secondary battery on a Battery Tender 1-2 nights a week - it charges both batteries.  The defender does not have an alternator - it is some sort of old-school VW-like “generator” that requires high rpm’s to provide any kind of real chargeback (and plowing is low RPM, slow going).  Result is that it starts stronger and your blade doesn’t get sluggish / lights don’t go dim when you run lights + plow (and winch) +  heater + etc... for any length of time.  -Mark


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