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Bus bar accessory problems

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I have a 2018 Defender hd10 max open cab.  When I first got it I put an led lightbar on the bus bar on the key side.  It worked perfectly until now when I went to add a winch.  Now the accessory side of the bus bar wont work.  I added the winch to it and it worked then all a sudden nothing works.  Now I cant get the key side to work.  I feel I have checked all fuses included the 2 40 amp that arent in the fuse box.  The light bar has a relay and the fuse is fine there.  In fact the light bar will work when I hook it into the direct side on the bus bar.  Could there be a bad relay somewhere?   I think I have 2 seperate problems, the winch still wont work even when I hook it up directly to the battery and I believe the solenoid is bad so I am waiting on parts there.  I am totally lost here.  Any suggestions?  I have pulled every fuse In front and by the battery and they all look good.  I even switched out the fuses just in case I couldnt see they were bad.  Can a bus bar go bad?  it isnt corroded as far as I can tell.  Help Please  




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