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2023 XT questions - yes I searched first ;)


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Good day everyone - 


 Found lots of useful information like s3 springs and so forth but I am looking to accomplish 2 things -

I already have a maverick for trail riding and bashing - 

I need a farm / hunting sxs as such I already have the wheels and tires off my maverick which are 32's - Id like to see if I can use those on the defender ? AND if so would that be a 2 or 3 inch lift ? I assume 3, if so whats a GOOD 3 inch lift with new springs? I do not want to wait for these springs to fade away like my MAV (2 rides) 


 decent 3 inch lift

can the maverick wheels and tires fit the defender?


TY in advance.

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yes, you can use the maverick rims and tires on the defender.  you may need spacers and keep an eye on which is which.  most likely the fronts and backs will work fine as long as they are used in the same locations.  i used my x3 wheels on my defender while i was swapping tires on my stock defender rims.  trail/sport rims would work as well, same for the offset, just keep an eye on it.


cant help on the lift unfortunately.  mine is high enough on 28s and s3 springs.  it barely fits under my garage door opening now.


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