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2024 BRP GO! Mobile App Walkaround | Can-Am


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I hope this tech will trickle down to the Defender at some point. Maybe in 2025?

Here’s an inside look at the BRP GO! app. In this walkaround video, learn everything about the 10.25" touchscreen display that keeps you connected.

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the tech is cool but is still expensive.  im starting to get to the point of just wanting to drive it and not have to mess with more screens while doing what i enjoy.  i am behind a computer for 9-10 hours a day, on my phone for a couple hours after work, have a tablet in the defender and x3 already for mapping and blue tooth to run my speaker.  that is enough screen time for me.  

while all of the modes and such are cool, the simple button press to select the mode is nicer to me.


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