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Plow limit switch


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Sorry for my ignorance.  What specifically does it do or keep from happening.


I purchased a limited with a pro mount plow. I do not think it came with a limit switch.  Is it something I critically need in order to plow snow?



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There is a certain point that once you raise the plow, the eyelet where you hook the winch to the plow is level with the winch drum, at which point the winch is fighting to bring the plow closer to the machine which it can't due to the push tubes, so the cable snaps.

It's definitely helpful, once you have it set up, it will prevent the plow from being raised to high and snapping the cable.

Without it, you have to be careful and vigilant when raising the plow to not bring it up too far. Easy to get distracted or not pay attention. I use a custom rigged joystick to control my plow in the winter, way to easy to accidently over retract. With the limit switch, I don't have to think about it, can easily focus on backing up the machine while raising the blade.

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