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Limp Mode and Misfire Codes



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My 2018 Defender HD10XT started having a problem that originally started as the check engine light staying on and as long as I just jumped in and drove it, it wouldn't go into limp mode until I let it go back to an idle, at which point I would have to shut it down and let it completely reboot, then fire up and go again with the same results. I would get codes P0301 and P1172.

I have drained and cleaned fuel tank, replaced fuel pump, replaced injectors, MAP sensor, O2 Sensor(twice), plugs, plug wires, coils, and filters. I pulled apart the throttle body and cleaned it and tested it, adjusted the valves, made sure the battery was fully charged and passed a load test. Compression is great, and I also threw a new belt on it while I was that deep into it. 

Now I am able to start it up, drive it and the check engine light will go out until I let it go back down to an idle, then when I begin to accelerate again, the check engine light will come on and almost instantly go to limp mode. Codes I'm getting at P0301 and P0302 which from what I understand, are misfire on cylinders 1 & 2.

Just looking for the next place to look. Was debating on either harness or ECU but hate to make that jump as I've already sunk almost a grand into parts for this problem alone. 

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I am wondering if you were able to fix your problems? We are having very similar issues with our 2020 hd10. We are at a loss but don’t want to spend 1000s as my husband is extremely mechanically inclined. He’s so frustrated right now. Any update would be so helpful 

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