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2019 hd5 won't idle

raceguy 13


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I have an hd5 that starts and dies. If I give it a little throttle I can keep it running but dies when I let off. It is dumping fuel into the engine evidently as I pulled the dip stick and a fuel oil mix came running out. I've had it to the dealer twice before and the first time they flashed the computer for a power steering update and add a new spark plug. It ran for 6 months or so then did it again.  They replaced a few components at random and it started running so the gave it back to me. It ran for probably 9 months or so before acting up again.  The problem seems to start in the spring when we load up our weed sprayer in back and start putting around slow spraying. I'm tired of hauling it to the dealer and them just guessing.  I put a new plug in and a new o2 sensor,  changed oil and it still runs the same. Anyone run into this type of issue? 

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sounds like it needs some rings and a piston (at least, if not a hone) if there is enough fuel mixed into the oil that it is running out when you take the cap off, it has severe blow by.  

start with check compression to see if it is 120+ psi or not but doubtful it is over 80-90psi.  if it does come out ok, you can go other directions but most likely rings.   Do a leak down test as well to confirm if the compression looks good.  

could also be a stuck valve but that wouldnt pollute the oil with raw fuel.  maybe a seal or something that is out could be a culprit as well, for fuel leaking into the crankcase.


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