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What did you actually sell OEM tires&wheels for?

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I keep lowering my price wondering if there even worth selling.

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Not sure what the price is nowadays, but I went to my local dealer to get a set of front rims to match on the back of my machine, they were $140 each. I wouldn't pay more than 75-80 for OEM rims, especially if I had to ship them or drive to pick them up. At that point I'd just go get the ones from the dealer.

Sold my OEM tires for $300 for all 4 right after I got the machine (almost no miles on them, maybe 50 total gravel miles), kept the rims.

Not many people want factory rims, or tires.

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it seems that to the right buyer, they will pay almost full price for oem stuff.  most of them end up in the 200-300$ range though by me, even with rims and tire combos.  they are a hard sell, it seems.  there are so many aftermarket rim options that people can get with new tires on them already that it isnt worth the hassle of $20 a tire to have them changed if they dont have the right tools to do it.


i tend to keep all of my stock rims, if i ever sell it, it will get them back on it in most cases.  then i sell the aftermarkets as additional or end up sweetening the deal for a buyer so they have the stockers too.  people who are looking for used machines around me, seem to want them stock or close to it for best $$ value.


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