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How to configure proper plow and mount system for my Defender?


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I just bought a 2018 Defender HD10 XT. It has the plastic Flex Plow which is nowhere near strong/heavy enough for my property. I've seen people having good luck on YouTube with the BRP Super-Duty plow setup, and was considering getting that for my SSV, along with the hydraulic articulating mount. But when I browse Can-Am's site it's a maddening list of plows and mounts, with no rhyme or reason or fitment guide. I have my problems with Polaris but their site is light-years ahead of Can-Am's. Anyways..

I found Hydraulic Super Duty Plow Kit SKU 715006038 which appears to be the hydraulic mount. But I can't find the actual super-duty plow for the Defender. I found a full kit on BRP's site here but that's for the Commander ATVs. I can find the individual SKUs for the mount, blade etc. but I'd rather find the whole kit for my Defender so I know it will plug-and-play. Otherwise I'd just go with a full third-party solution.

Does anybody have a link to an all-in-one kit or some kind of detailed description of every part I need? Thanks in advance.

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