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Topper for Pro Limited


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Was looking around and could not find much for a bed cover or topper that would fit the Defender Pro Limited. I had seen a gentleman on Instagram @defenders.of.the.north built one. It seemed to be of aluminum which I do not have a welder for so I came up with a bolt together solutions that is still lightweight. 


I got some lengths of slotted steel shipped up north. It weighed in for air freight at 39lbs. 


I wanted something that could be removed when needed, so I used 4 Linq connectors that I bolted into the slotted steel.



Now I am just waiting to get a canvas top to put on. The plan is to have a window thru the rear back panel, and zippers on each side of the tailgate with possibly buttons or velcro to hold it to the tailgate. 



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looks great so far!  make sure to share the rest when done.


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